About Us

AviaMini México (AVIACION EN MINIATURA MEXICANA S. A. DE C. V.) is a retailer and national distributor of high quality scale airliner models.
Our goal is to provide a personalized, world class service to collectors worldwide, as well as to model aircraft retailers in Mexico, at the best prices. At AviaMini México we value our products as true collectibles. After years of experience as collectors, we understand our clients’ needs and expectations; therefore, we know what it takes to attain their full satisfaction.
Our customer support goes beyond the selling of our products, as we are willing to share our knowledge and experience in the field in a free and personalized manner. We can advice our wholesale customers regarding the selection, promotion and retailing of our products, based on the concept and location of their business, and the size of the investment they want to make. To the model aircraft collector, we can provide detailed and unbiased information on all of our products, including their features, differences and collectible value, depending on market availability.
We invite you to consult our discounts program and Privacy Notice.
Our model aircraft are all made in highly collectible limited editions, and come fully assembled and painted.
In the 1:400 scale, we feature the GeminiJets, GeminiSelect, GeminiMACS, Dragon Wings, Jet-XPhoenix, JC Wings, Latin Classics and Aviation400 product lines, as well as our exclusive line of aircraft from Mexico, AviaMini Jets, and other brands.
In the 1:200 scale, we offer products from Gemini200, Jet-X, Phoenix, JC Wings, Aviation200 and more.
We also have select products from other scales such as 1:500, 1:250, 1:150, 1:144, 1:130, 1:100 and 1:72, made by Gemini250, GeminiACES and others.
For the display of the 1:400 aircraft models, we offer several accessories including chrome and wood stands, ground support vehicle sets, dioramas, and even a complete airport terminal.
Additionally, if you are looking for a specific model of any brand which we don’t have in stock, contact us and we will do our best to get you one through our backordering program.  The delivery time for these items can be of up to 30 days and you will be asked to make an innitial payment equivalent to 50% of the products' value.
  • The full value of in stock items must be paid no later than three weekdays after placing your order. If the order includes out of stock items, we will ask you to make an initial payment equivalent to 50% of their value. You will not have to pay for the remaining 50% (plus shipping charges when applicable), until we receive each of these items and/or your entire order is ready to be delivered or shipped.  Requesting an item via an initial payment implies you are committed to purchasing it, therefore, such payments are not refundable.
  • As payment methods, we accept checks, cash, bank deposits / transfers and Paypal.
  • You will be able to choose between various shipping methods; we will recommend the option which, according to our experience, we consider to be the one that offers the best price and reliability.
  • We will carefully inspect and package each model, always seeking that your merchandise is free of defects and in good condition when you receive it.
  • You will have a period of seven days beginning on the date when you receive the merchandise to make any claims for damaged or defective models, in which case, these will be exchanged or you will receive a refund.  Shipping charges are not refundable, and the shipping costs required to perform the exchange / refund will be covered by you.
To place your order, or if you require more information in English or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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